Birth of Baha’u’llah (2013)

When Bunny was 2 I taught her a song about Baha’u’llah that was fitting to commemorate His birth.  The lyrics are as follows:

“Do you know what we remember, on the twelfth day of November, we give thanks to the land of Ta, for giving us Baha’u’llah.  So rings the bells and sound the horns, for this is the day that He was born.”

It’s short, sweet, and you can add actions to it that help a two year old remember and bring more joy to their hearts when singing it – which is what I really hope to instill in her heart when she thinks of any Manifestation of God – love and joy!

This year, we added to it by following the suggestion from the following blog entry at All done Monkey – making the bell streamer.  So when friends came over we sang the song to remind us what it was for and lift our hearts and then let the little ones cut and decorate them.  Now we just have to string them up and hang them before Tuesday!


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